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Game Library

Choose from our vast collection of interactive virtual reality games, including active games, games for kids, immersive games, first person shooters, racing simulators, and multiplayer experiences. With something out there for everyone, we are proud to offer a large library of games for you to enjoy. Check out our current selection of games that are just waiting for you to play them.

Active VR Games

Imagine swinging your hand and taking down the enemy or dodging asteroids in space or punching your fist at your enemy leaving them with a bruise. Active VR games have players moving around to progress further in the gaming making it feel like they are part of the game!

For Kids

We have many kid friendly games from all types of genres such as action, sports, adventure and many more!

Immersive VR Gaming

Our selection of immersive VR games presents players an environment like they have never seen before. Players will be put to the test of their perception of reality while engaging with the surrounding environment the game creates for them.

Multiplayer VR Games

We have a variety of multiplayer VR games that allow players to play against one other in real time while being immersed into the game’s world.


Our premium VR games are realistic strategy games that immerse players into an environment close to the real world.


Our VR shooters will have players engaged in quick game play where making every shot count is the key in progressing farther.

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